What is Slack?

Slack is a massively popular productivity tool designed for teams to collaborate in real time and get things done. But it’s also a great space for any other kind of conversation.

What is Hawaii Slack?

Hawaii Slack is a Slack group for people in, from, or in love with Hawaii. While all are welcome, Hawaii Slack is a hub for local creators, makers, entrepreneurs, and the greater island innovation ecosystem.

Hawaii Slack is a place to talkstory, tell stories, share advice, trade tips, and more. Find collaborators, share opportunities, and talk shop. From debating the best place to get ahi poke to getting home improvement advice, from raving about the latest slack key festival to sharing your favorite movies, almost anything goes. (Almost. We have a few rules.)

What topics are discussed?

Like any local gathering, Hawaii Slack conversations can be sprawling and varied. But some common threads include:

  • Interesting local events
  • Cool new apps and tools
  • Science and technology news
  • Social media, blogging, and online publishing
  • Favorite restaurants and dining recommendations

And Slack allows for topical #channels that can be created as needed when a hot topic arises.

How does it work?

You may already be using Slack for your job, club, or team, in which case, you can skip straight to the Hawaii Slack signup form. If you’re new to Slack, watch this quick video and we’ll see you on the other side:

Hawaii Slack can be accessed via a great mobile app for iPhones or Android phones, a desktop app (for both Windows and Mac), and directly on the web via any modern browser.

Ready to talkstory with the Hawaii Slack ‘ohana? Join now!